Saturday, December 29, 2012

Palty Milktea Brown Japanese Foam Hair Dye Review

Hi lovelies! After being sick for so long, I was finally well enough to fix my pudding hair. People say that you are suppose to retouch roots every month, but I usually do it every 3-4 months. My sister bought me a few boxes of Palty from the T&T Supermarket at Metrotown Mall, Burnaby, B.C. One box costs about $15 CAD. I only buy Palty directly from stores, because I've had very bad experiences with using the dyes from online orders. They seem to be a different, inferior formula, and I get unsatisfactory results. I really like the results I get from the boxes that were purchased directly in stores though.

I decided to use Milktea Brown. I also have Creamy Caramel, which is suppose to be darker. Milktea Brown is one of their lightest shades of hair dye and works well for toning hair to a cooler colour.

I usually don't expect my hair to turn out exactly like the box, but I try to predict how my hair will turn out.

The things I look for in the box swatches are:

1. How much does the hair dye lift or darken the hair colour. 
Some hair dyes may make your blonde hair lighter and some will darken. Palty Milktea Brown will darken my hair.

2. What tones will the hair dye produce?
It looks like Palty Milktea Brown has ashy tones, so my hair should have cooler tones.

Palty foam dyes come with the cream colour tube, peroxide, plastic cup container, a mixing tool, globes, and a sachet of conditioner.

Here, I dumped the peroxide and cream colour into the cup.

When you mix it, it becomes foamy.

This is a picture of my roots that have been freshly bleached using L'Oreal Quick Blue with peroxide 40. Only use peroxide 40 if you have very black hair and an experienced, quick handed person is helping you apply it. I have fine hair that is naturally a soft black to dark brown, so it usually takes me two bleaching processes to get it this blonde. I usually bleach past the orange-yellow phase, so that my hair doesn't look brassy. Brassy yellow/orange tones are not flattering on Asian skin tones.

This dye turns dark very quickly after mixing. I leave it in my hair for the recommended 30 minutes, because I don't want my hair to darken too much and produce hot roots (orange tone roots due to heat near the scalp).

My results were very good. I obtained a unique shade of ashy beige blonde that is not yellow at all. I really love this hair colour! I've gotten complements from random people too! It is very chameleon and changes in different lighting. It isn't too dark either and flatters my skin tone. I've also received compliments from random sales associates at the mall. *Giggles*


Palty foam dyes are very easy to use! They don't have a crazy strong scent and does not irritate my scalp, even though I've bleached my hair recently. I get very even coverage and one box was enough for my long, fine hair. You might need two boxes if you have really thick hair though. I like the Palty foam dyes better than the Palty cream dyes for this reason. I would definitely need two boxes of Palty cream dyes and I am not willing to spend $30 on two boxes per application. 

I have another box of Palty Milktea Brown handy for when I need to do my hair again. I really love the results I got. It didn't darken my hair too much. I've seen a lot of reviews for Palty on dark hair, but hardly any for light hair, so I hope some of you found this helpful. If you want dramatic, "like the box" results, you must bleach your hair if you are starting out with dark hair.

A cashier at Urban Planet asked how me I do my hair, because her sister tried to go blonde and ended up dying her hair back to black. It seems like a lot of people don't realize that you are suppose to use hair dye to tone your hair to the desired shade after the bleaching process. Bleaching only lifts (lightens) your hair from a dark shade to a lighter shade. Bleach is *not* the same as hair dye and yellow, orange tones are normal. Catering your make up to your hair colour also helps. Don't pencil in your brow with really dark shades. Use medium to lighter shades of browns and taupes to match your hair. It also helps to use foundation, tinted moisturizer or bb cream to neutralize strong yellow and red tones in the skin.

I also love bright red hair, but red hair requires the most maintenance due to how quickly it fades. I don't like my natural soft black hair, because it gets greasy very quickly and tends to look flat and lacks volume. I do enjoy blue toned, jet black hair though. :)

What are your favourite hair colours on yourself?

Later Days ~


  1. Love the colour! I can definitely see the ashy blonde tones, and it's super pretty and cute!
    I hate having to touch up the roots so often - I try to do it every 6-8 weeks, but it's so tiring >_<
    For most of last year I wanted to go ash blond, but it would require too much work for me and I'm not keen to bleach my hair as I've got no experience with that. One day though :)

  2. Wow Dear the results looks really hot on you, I love how it turned out~ <3

    I've always wanted to try out bleach blonde but do not dare to try yet, because my hair condition is really bad. :(

    But you hair conditions looks really good! Envy ^.^

  3. Happy New Year! Touching up roots is so annoying. >_< I touch up my roots when the black is getting so bad (over 1 inch and a half). lol and usually at the end of every semester lol

  4. Aww thank you! My hair is really fragile though lol. I don't use hot irons on my hair, only blow dry and lots of conditioners. I get a lot of fall out and breakage as well xD Blonde is fun to try at least once in your life!

  5. can you show us how do you section your hair + touch ups? thanks!

  6. I'm half asian with dark brown hair. I dyed my hair a shade lighter a couple months ago... I was wondering, do I have to use peroxide40 on my hair before trying the foam palty milk tea? ?

  7. omfgg I absolutely love this! I just bleached my hair once (it definitely isnt as light as yours) and so i wanted to see what milk tea brown looked like on lighter hair, this was so helpful :)

  8. Oh! So Too Achieve this color, You must first bleach your hair THEN use the Dye? What will happen if I dont Bleach? (Iused Beautylabo Raspberry Pink before bleaching)